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Improvement in highway security is also directly related to the behavior of drivers behind the wheel.

That’s why our concessionaires frequently launch educational campaigns and actions. Please find below information regarding a few of them:



Impact and Rollover Simulators

Equipments that simulate accidents that could happen on the highway, such as a collision, as is the case with the Impact Simulator at Eco135, or a rollover, as the Rollover Simulator at Ecosul does. The distinguishing feature of both is virtual reality, which makes the experience more remarkable and closer to reality.

Coffee at the footbridge

These are traditional events held at peak pedestrian times to thank users who use footbridges to safely cross the highway. The goal is to raise awareness among the local population on the importance of always using footbridges to cross the highway.

Educational Blitz

Actions involving passenger vehicle drivers, motorcyclists and bike users to discuss about safety items while traveling on the highways, such as lights and other items that help improve their visibility on the highway.

Lectures at companies

These are aimed at raising awareness among companies in the region or partners on the leading causes of accidents and how simple attitudes can save many lives.

Trucker Health

Programs aimed at the health and security of truckers. These usually offer simple examinations and advice for professional drivers to take care of their health both on and off the highway.