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Corporate governance to create value

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EcoRodovias adopts the best corporate governance practices

Listed in Novo Mercado, B3’s most demanding segment, the Company follows the highest standards of transparency in its management, based on the guidelines of the Code on Corporate Governance Best Practices of the Brazilian Institute of Corporate Governance (IBGC).

To increase compliance with the recommended practices, in 2022 the Company revised and approved internal policies and guidelines on issues such as dividend payments, donations and sponsorships, risk management, securities trading, management compensation, organization of internal governance bodies and advisory committees, and also redesigned its organizational structure to a slimmer, more agile and efficient version.

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Our Corporate Governance structure

EcoRodovias’ corporate governance structure is comprised by the Shareholders Meeting, Audit Board, Board of Directors, Advisory Committees to the Board of Directors and the Executive Board.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors has nine members, two of them independent. It is responsible, among the tasks established by the Social By-laws, for the general business guidelines, disseminates the Company´s values, monitores the development and implementation of the Ethics program, as well as evaluates, appoints and removes executive officers. It is guided by the Novo Mercado rules, as well as ISE´s and the Code of Best Practices in Corporate Governance.

Audit Board

The Audit Board has three members and their alternate members. It is responsible for monitoring the actions of the Company’s management, issuing opinions on financial reports and monitoring practices on this regard.

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The Advisory Committees to the Board of Directors are envisaged in the Bylaws of the Company. They are: Audit Committee, People Management and Governance Committee and Investment, Financial and Risk Committee, which support the Board of Directors in its decision-making process. The Company also has other internal committees to address issues that are important for its business development.

The Directors’ Board of EcoRodovias has five officers, who implement the Group’s business plan and strategy.