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Human and social development

EcoRodovias strives to support human and social development through projects that positively affect its employees and the communities near the highways that it manages.

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EcoRodovias’ social investment is made with its own budgeted funds or those arising from incentive laws on Culture, Sports, the Elderly, Children, ISS (Cultural Incentive Law), Pronas (Accessibility) and Pronon (Oncology).

If you are interested in submitting a project, read the requirements for the evaluation process, click here, complete the form and send your suggestion to EcoRodovias. 

The priority themes of these initiatives are:

Traffic education

Environmental education

Diversity and inclusion

Professional training

Incentive to culture, sports and income generation

Protection of animals

Health, combating sexual violence against children and adolescents

The implementation of social projects is guided by EcoRodovias’ Social Investment Policy and based on the requirements of key national and international indicators, principles and criteria for evaluating responsible business management.

These projects are implemented through different partnerships or own initiatives. Any area, employee or third party represented by employees may create or suggest projects through the registration form for submitting proposals and/or ideas. The projects are evaluated by the Sustainability area, which takes into consideration some parameters:

  • Alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);
  • Respect and value diversity;
  • Contribute to the public policies in the regions being served;
  • Compliant with EcoRodovias’ sustainability guidelines and objectives.

To learn more about other evaluation parameters, please read our Social Investment Policy.

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Learn more about some projects supported by EcoRodovias


The Ecoviver Project was launched in 2006 to raise awareness among teachers and students from public schools about the region where they live, addressing issues such as sustainability, road safety and better quality of life. The project also encourages reflection and discussions on current issues and the exercise of citizenship, through art interventions at school, the community or the neighborhood, stimulating creativity and fostering art and culture.

Want to learn more about the project? Please visit


Created in 2012, the Capacitar (Training) Program offers free professional training to socially vulnerable people living around the highways in  order to increase their employability and social inclusion. In 2015, the program was recognized by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and included in its 1st report of 19 success stories in high-performance inclusive business models in development.

The project aims to develop talent, such as youth seeking for their first professional opportunity, people with disabilities, the LGBTQIA+ community, prisoners in the semi-open system and refugees.

Papai Noel Existe (Santa Claus exists)

With the mission of transforming all employees and partners of EcoRodovias Group into Santa’s helpers, the Papai Noel Existe (Santa Claus Exists) project has brought joy to thousands of children during the holiday season. Since 2006, it has replaced the traditional Christmas gifts and cards that were sent to suppliers and employees with an invitation to answer one letter written by a child to Santa Claus. Our volunteers write the Christmas letters and EcoRodovias donates the gifts selected. We donate sustainable and educational toys to assist children in their motor, intellectual, visual and hearing development.

Want to learn more about the project? Please visit

Seedling nursery

The project provides professional training to people with intellectual disabilities. The seedling nursery combines the need to produce seedlings for environmental offset with the company’s social responsibility work.

In 2018, it received worldwide recognition with the “Good employability practices for workers with disabilities,” award given by the Permanent Mission of Brazil to the United Nations, in the “Protagonism” category, for helping to change the lives of professionals who are part of the program.

Click here to read our social balance sheet and learn more about EcoRodovias’ social initiatives.

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A company is environmentally responsible when it goes beyond its legal obligations to help build a more egalitarian society and smarter use of natural resources.

EcoRodovias has implemented several actions to optimize natural resources and reduce impacts. One important issue for the Company is climate change.

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Climate Change

The main document guiding the Company’s actions on this theme is the Sustainability Guidelines Policy, which establishes our commitments and way of managing sustainability, more specifically climate change. The Group’s climate strategy is based on three pillars: adaptation, mitigation and offset of greenhouse gas emissions, and initiatives on all pillars are constantly held.

EcoRodovias evaluates the risks and opportunities presented by climate change to its business. These risks are incorporated into the Company’s risk matrix and actions are taken to reduce and/or eliminate them.

The Company has several initiatives in place, such as prioritizing the use of ethanol, using efficient energy technologies and installing solar power plants.

The Company offsets 100% of its Scope 1 and 2 emissions by purchasing carbon credits.


AIt also has climate goals linked to the variable compensation paid to all employees and leaders.


Selo Ouro do GHG Protocol – desde 2011

ICO2 – desde 2021


CDP – Score B